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2007-08 Award Recipients

Recipient: Franklin Chen, Michael Zorn, and David Hollenberg, Natural and Applied Science
UW-Green Bay
Project: Investigation of Ultrasonic Stimulation of Supercritical and Near Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Treatment of Wood for the Extraction of Hemicelluloses

Recipient: Adel Nasiri, EECS
Project: Techniques for Efficient Wireless Transcutaneous Power/Signal Transmission for Left Ventricular Assist Devices

Recipient: Lei (Leslie) Ying, Electrical Engineering
Project: High-speed Parallel Magnetic Resonance Imaging: Development, Implementation, and Applications

Recipient: Charles Gibson, Chemistry
Project: Nanophase Phosphors with Potential Use in Solid-State Lighting (SSL) Devices

Recipient: Dana Vaughan, Biology and Microbiology
UW-Oshkosh & UW-La Crosse
Project: Bringing Ground Squirrel Captive Breeding Technology to NIH Standards

Recipient: James Hamilton, Chemistry and Engineering Physics
Project: Nano composite Polymer Strip Coatings, Protectants, Electrodes and Decontamination Films

Recipient: Steve Carlson, Plant & Earth Science
UW-River Falls
Project: Capturing Commercial Value of Super High-Oil Corn through Molecular Marker Assisted Breeding

Recipient: Tim Lyden, Biology
UW-River Falls
Project: Development of Artificial-Tissue Methods for Potential Vaccine Production