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2005-06 Award Recipients

Recipient: David E. Lewis, Chemistry
UW-Eau Claire
Project: New Probes for Fluorescence Microscopy

Recipient: John S. Hoffmire, Center on Business and Poverty
Project: Business-Based Personal Finance Outreach

Recipient: Jeffrey A. Malison, Animal Sciences
Project: Expanding the Yellow Perch Aquaculture Industry by Increasing the Efficiency of Fingerling Production

Recipient: Frank Pfefferkorn, Mechanical Engineering
UW-Madison & Milwaukee
Project: Environmentally Benign (Internal) Cooling of End Mills

Recipient: John G. White, Laboratory for Optical and Computational Instrumentation
Project: A modular control system for confocal and multiphoton laser-scanning microscopes

Recipient: Mary Lynne Perille Collins, Biological Sciences
Project: Demonstration of production and activity of a mammalian membrane protein in a novel bacterial system

Recipient: Jaejin Jang, Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering
Project: Integration of production and maintenance scheduling using prognostic information

Recipient: Zhaohui Li, Geosciences
Project: Applicability Tests on Using Polyvinyl Pyrrolidone (PVP) to Absorb and Remove Contaminants from Water

Recipient: James P. Hamilton, Chemistry & Engineering Physics
Project: Colored, Residue Free, Polymeric Non Flammable Strip Coatings

Recipient: Brian R. Smith, Plant & Earth Science
UW-River Falls
Project: Determination of Profitability Potential of New Wisconsin Plum Cultivars and Associated Propagation Techniques