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2004-05 Award Recipients

Recipient: K. Dubear Kroening, Biology
UW Colleges / UW-Fox Valley
Project: Mold growth inhibition on wetcake for ethanol production plants

Recipient: Mohamed B. Elgindi, Mathematics
UW-Eau Claire
Project: Die Geometries nWhich Minimize Neck-In and Edge Beading in Film Casting

Recipient: Franklin M. Chen, Chemistry
UW-Green Bay
Project: Microwave energy to Re-generate Value-Added Products from Waste Tires

Recipient: Michael E. Zorn, Environmental Chemistry and Technology
UW-Green Bay
Project: Biogas Generation from a Wisconsin Dairy Farm Using Gas-Phase Anaerobic Photocatalysis

Recipient: Gregory W. Harrington, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Project: Development of Monoclonal Antibodies to the Cyanobacterial Neurotoxin Anatoxin-A

Recipient: Kenneth F. Raffa, Entomology
Project: Biological control of gypsy moth in Wisconsin

Recipient: Glen R. Stanosz, Plant Pathology
Project: The Hidden Enemy: Do healthy-appearing jack pine nursery seedlings habor a lethal pathogen?

Recipient: Dr. Keith Corzine, Electrical Engineering
Project: Design Optimization of Low-Voltage Power Converters

Recipient: Anoop K. Dhingra, Mechanical Engineering
Project: Engine Mount Modeling and Optimization for Enhanced Vibration Isolation

Recipient: Tarun R. Naik, Civil Engineering and Mechanics
Project: Economical Self-Consolidating Concrete for the Wisconsin Concrete Industry

Recipient: Brian R. Smith, Department of Horticulture
UW-River Falls
Project: Determination of Profitability of Potential New Raspberry Cultivars in Wisconsin

Recipient: Christopher Hartleb, Biology
UW-Stevens Point
Project: Development and Economic Potential of Floating Raceway Fish Culture at Cranberry Farms