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2003-04 Award Recipients

Recipient: Mohamed B. Elgindi, Mathematics
UW-Eau Claire
Project: On Body Profile Design for Extrusion Dies

Recipient: Patricia S. McManus, Plant Pathology
Project: Economical and Sustainable Management of Leaf Spot Disease of Tart Cherry

Recipient: Jae K. Park
Project: Development of a Microwave Technology for Pathogen Destruction in Sludge

Recipient: Daniel M. Schaefer, Animal Sciences
Project: Packaging Film and Process for Retail Presentation of Frozen Beef Products with Extended Color Display-Life

Recipient: Sam Helwany, Civil Engineering & Mechanics
Project: Analysis and Design of Dies for Polymer Extrusion

Recipient: Jin Li, Civil Engineering & Mechanics
Project: Developing an On-chip Magnetic Bead Biosensor for Real-time and Remote Detection of Biological Threat Agents in Drinking Water

Recipient: Sandra McLellan, UW Great Lakes WATER Institute
Project: Validation of Fecal Bacteria Monitoring Protocols using a Portable Detection Instrument

Recipient: Pradeep K. Rohatgi, Engineering & Applied Science
Project: Synthesis of Cast Aluminum Reinforced with Ultra-fine Foundry Sands for Industrial Applications

Recipient: Brian R. Smith, Plant and Earth Sciences
UW-River Falls
Project: Determination of Profitablility Potential of New Raspberry Cultivars in Wisconsin

Recipient: Richard Rothaupt
Project: Industrial and Economic Development Research Fund