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2002-03 Award Recipients

John Andrews, Plant Pathology
Project: An Enemy Within: Epidemiology and Control of Apple Scab in Wisconsin

Mark E. Cook, Animal Sciences
Project: Heat Protection of Egg Yolk Antibody, and The Use of Egg Antibodies as an Alternative to Antibiotics in Animal Feeds to Improve Growth and Feed Efficiency

James L. Steele, Food Science
Project: Identification of Enzymes and Metabolic Pathways Used by Lactobacillus Casei to Enhance and Intensify Cheese Flavor

Lih-Sheng Turng, Mechanical Engineering
Project: Web-based Knowledge Management System for the Wisconsin Plastics Industry

Nidal Abu-Zahra, Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering
Project: In-Line Viscosity Monitoring of Polymer Melts using Dielectric Measurements

M.L.P. Collins, Biological Sciences
Project: New System for the Production of Commercially Important Proteins

Anoop K. Dhingra, Mechanical Engineering
Project: Optimum Experimental Design of a General Purpose Load Transducer

David C. Yu, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Project: Virtual Meter Technology for Large Electrical Systems

Jun Zhang, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Project: Outdoor Image Segmentation in An Automatic Occupancy Sensing System

James P. Hamilton, Chemistry and Engineering Physics
Project: Characterization of Polymer Cleaning of Precision Optics and Surfaces

Brad Mogen, Biology
UW-River Falls
Project: Cultivar Confirmed - A DNA Fingerprinting System for Soybean

Brian R. Smith, Plant and Earth Science
UW-River Falls
Project: Determination of Profitability Potential of New Strawberry Cultivars in Wisconsin