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2001-02 Award Recipients

Recipient: Terese Barta
UW-Stevens Point
Project: Assessment of Potato Breeding Materials for Resistance to Late Blight Disease

Recipient: Ryo Amano
Project: Novel Micro-pore Filter Technique for Brewing Process

Recipient: Jae K. Park
Project: Development of Mesoporous Media for Removal of Arsenic in Groundwater

Recipient: Gour Choudhury
Project: Farm Technology to Utilize Fish Processing By-products

Recipient: John White
Project: Firmware Development for an Optical Workstation Designed for the Study of Living Specimens

Recipient: Tarun R. Naik
Project: Concrete Brick and Block Manufacturing Using Wood Ash Generated from Wisconsin Pulp and Paper Industry

Recipient: Tien-Chien Jen
Project: Developing Predictive Thermal Optimization Tools for Laser-assisted Manufacturing

Recipient: Mohamed Elgindi
UW-Eau Claire
Project: Velocity, Shear Rate, and Temperature Balance of Polymer Flow Through Extrusion Dies

Recipient: Rolf Reitz
Project: Develop a Computer Model to Predict Knocking in a Small Utillity Gasoline Engine

Recipient: John Katers
UW-Green Bay
Project: Evaluation of a Temperature-phased Anaerobic Digestion System for the Dairy Industry

Recipient: Wonshik Chee
Project: Development of Robust Torsional Disturbance Rejection Algorithm for Motor Drives