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2000-01 Award Recipients

Recipient: Barbara Israel
Project: The Application of Liquid Crystal Display Technology to the Rapid Identification of Viruses

Recipient: John Markley
Project: Brazzein: A Natural, Low-Calorie Sweetener

Recipient: Patricia McManus
Project: Why Are Our Cranberries Rotting in the Field?

Recipient: Lisa Naughton
Project: Using Geographic Information System Technology to Predit and Mitigate Wolf Depredation on Livestock in Wisconsin

Recipient: Douglas Reinemann
Project: Assessment of Milk Quality and Economics of Automatic (Robotic) Milking Systems

Recipient: Ivan Howitt
Project: Wireless Communication System for Enhancing Power Distribution System Reliability

Recipient: Lian Li
Project: Characterizing ITO Growth on SiO2 and Polyester Using Microwave Plasma Assisted Electron Beam Evaporation Deposition

Recipient: Sandra McLellan
Project: Development of A Novel Molecular Technique (MAP Assay) for Diagnosis of Johne's Disease

Recipient: Krishna Pillai
Project: Optimizing the Manufacture of Plastics using Computer Simulations

Recipient: David Yu
Project: A Variable Structure Control System for Unified Power Flow Controller

Recipient: Dennis Cosgrove
UW-River Falls
Project: Estimating First Crop Alfalfa Quality