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February 6, 2004 Agenda item I.1.c.(2)


Academic Years 2005-2007
Executive Summary


In December 1999, the Board of Regents approved a resolution directing the Office of Academic Affairs to develop biennial sabbatical guidelines, beginning in academic years
2001-03. The purpose of these guidelines is to enable the board to recommend priorities for sabbatical decisions without continually revising the sabbatical policy contained in Academic Planning Statement #3.3 (ACPS 3.3), The Faculty Sabbatical Program. Section B.3 of that policy states that “preference shall be given to those making significant contributions to teaching and who have not had a leave of absence, regardless of source of funding, in the previous four years.”

In February 2002, when the Board of Regents Education Committee last reviewed the biennial sabbatical guidelines, it asked that they reflect the Board’s commitment to promoting the scholarship of teaching and learning. In approving sabbaticals for academic years 2003-05, UW institutions were also asked to continue to give consideration to projects that supported the mission of the institution, in recognition of the fact that sabbatical leaves are funded by the institution and are to serve institutional purposes. Additionally, the Education Committee identified the following emphases to be included in the biennial guidelines:

• Interdisciplinary activities;
• Collaborative program activities;
• International education;
• Application of technology to instruction and distance education.

At its December 2003 meeting, the Education Committee reviewed the UW institutions sabbatical announcements for 2004-05. At that time, the Committee expressed its continued support for the emphases identified two years ago. The Committee further asked that in future announcements, there be more direct evidence that the Regent emphases are being followed. In response to that concern, the Office of Academic and Student Services proposes to develop, with input from the UW System Provosts, a means for establishing the extent to which sabbatical projects adhere to the guidelines.


No action is requested.


University of Wisconsin System Academic Planning Statement #3.3, The Faculty Sabbatical Program (Revised Summer 2003).