Academic & Faculty Programs

The Academic Information Series (ACIS) consists of a set of policy papers. The areas covered include academic program planning and review, program audits, inter-institutional articulation, international education and distance education.

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Date Issued
  Revised Process for Program Planning September 2012


Academic Planning and Program Review (pdf) Revised
April 2010

Addition to ACIS 1.0: Monitoring Low-Degree-Producing Programs

July 2010
ACIS 1.1 Memorandum of Agreement to Establish a Cooperative Program in [Program Title] (pdf)
(txt version)
November 1993
  Distance Education Pricing Principles
(pdf version)
June 1999
  Establishing Professional Doctorates
March 2009
ACIS 1.2 University of Wisconsin System Board of Regents Criteria for Approval of Wisconsin Technical College System Collegiate Transfer Programs (pdf) February 2007
ACIS 2 University of Wisconsin System Policy Regarding Offering of On-Site Undergraduate and Graduate and Other Instruction Programs beyond the boundaries of the State by UW System Units (pdf) Revised
May 1996

See ACIS 5.4

ACIS 4 Summary of UWS Academic Program Audit and Review (pdf) January 1977
ACIS 5 Administrative Guidelines for UW System Implementation of Regent Policy on Integration Between UW-Extension and the UW Institutions (pdf) March 1983
ACIS 5.1 Supplementary Administrative Guidelines for UW System Implementation of Regent Policies on Integration of the Extension Function (pdf) May 1989
ACIS 5.2 Statewide Planning, Communication and Coordination of Extension Programs in the UW System (pdf) May 1989
ACIS 5.3 Identification of the Extension Function in the University of Wisconsin System (pdf) May 1989
ACIS 5.4 Programming for the Non-Traditional Market in the University of Wisconsin System
(pdf version)
ACIS 6.0 University of Wisconsin System Undergraduate Transfer Policy (pdf) Revised
June 2011
ACIS 6.2 University of Wisconsin System Guidelines for Articulation Agreements Between UW System Institutions and WTCS Districts (pdf) Revised
June 2011
ACIS 7.1-7.4 Conduct of International Programs in the University of Wisconsin System (pdf) Revised
April 2008
  University of Wisconsin System Uniform Statement of Responsibility, Release, and Authorization to Participate in Study Abroad and Exchange Programs (pdf) Revised
October 1999