Acronyms and Abbreviations

Perplexed by an abbreviation? For reference, here is a list of acronyms and other abbreviations commonly used in University of Wisconsin System communications. Where appropriate, a link is provided for more information.

If an abbreviation you are looking for is missing from this list, please contact us.

Updated October 31, 2012

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AA Affirmative Action
A2Q Access to Quality
AAAS American Association for the Advancement of Science
AAC&U Association of American Colleges & Universities
AACRAO American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (National)
AACSB American Assembly of Collegiate Schools of Business
AAHE American Association of Higher Education
AASCU American Association of State Colleges and Universities
AAU Association of American Universities
AAUP American Association of University Professors
AAUP Association of American University Presses
AAUW American Association of University Women
AB Annual Budget
ABET Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology
ACE American Council on Education
ACHE Association for Continuing Higher Education
ACIS Academic Information Series
ACPE Association for Continuing Professional Education
ACPS Academic Planning Statements
ACRL Association of College and Research Libraries
ACSS Academic and Student Services
ACT-CAAP American College Testing - Collegiate Assessment of Academic Proficiency
AD&D Accidental Death and Dismemberment
ADA Americans with Disabilities Act
ADAS Automated Degree Audit Systems
Adm. Code Wisconsin Administrative Code
ADP Administrative Data Processing
AFR Annual Financial Report
AIR Association for Institutional Research
AIRUM Association for Institutional Research in the Upper Midwest
ALA American Library Association
ALMS Alternative Library Materials Storage Committee
ANSI American National Standards Institute
AODA Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse
AOP Advanced Opportunity Program
AP Accounts Payable
AP Advanced Placement Program, Policies & Exams
APBS Appointment Payroll and Benefits System
APLU Association of Public and Land-Grant Universities
ARL Association of Research Libraries
ASHE Association for the Study of Higher Education
ASIS American Society for Information Science
ATE Association of Teacher Educators
ATN Administrative Telephone Network
B Return to Top
BB Biennial Budget
BEA Bureau of Economic Advisors
BLS Bureau of Labor Statistics
BOR Board of Regents
BRB University of Wisconsin-Baraboo/Sauk County
BRN University of Wisconsin-Barron County (Rice Lake)
C Return to Top
CAAP Collegiate Assessment of Academic Proficiency
CAC Curricular Area Code
CACUBO Central Association of College and University Business Officers
CALS College of Agricultural and Life Sciences
CAPP Cooperative Academic Partnership Program
CASE Council for the Advancement and Support of Education
CASS Cooperative Association of States for Scholarships
CAUSE Association for Managing and Using Information Resources in Higher Education (now EDUCAUSE)
CBA Competency-Based Admissions
CBO Chief Business Officer (formerly IBR)
CCSSE Community College Survey of State Engagement
CDR Central Data Request
CDR Central Data Request – Facilities
CERT Office of Communications and External Relations (UW System)
CES Cooperative Extension Service (formerly Federal Extension Services [FES] and Extension Services)
CESA Cooperative Educational Service Agency
CEU Continuing Education Unit
Chap. 36 Former Chapter 36 (University of Wisconsin) and new Chapter 36 (University of Wisconsin System) of the Wisconsin Statutes - see History of UW System
Chap. 37 Chapter 37 (former Wisconsin State Universities) of the Wisconsin Statutes - see History of UW System
CHESS Comprehensive Health Enhancement Support System
CIC Committee on Institutional Cooperation
CIE Council on International Education
CIO Chief Information Officer
CIPS Committee on Information Processing Systems
CLEP College Level Examination Program
CNI Coalition for Networked Information
COA Cost of Attendance
COL UW Colleges
COOL College Opportunities On-Line
COPA Council on Post-secondary Accreditation
COWL Council of Wisconsin Libraries
CPB Capital Planning and Budget
CPB Corporation for Public Broadcasting
CPC Cost-Per-Credit
CPI Consumer Price Index
CPS Cost-Per-Student
CQI Continuous Quality Improvement
CSAO Chief Student Affairs Officers
CSI Composite Support Index
CSSD Coordinators of Services for Students with Disabilities
CUPA College of University Professionals Association
CUWL Council of University of Wisconsin Libaries
CWCW Campus Web Council of Wisconsin
CWS College Work-Study
D Return to Top
D4D Design for Diversity
DARS Degree Audit Reporting System
DBMS Data Base Management System
DDC Direct Digital Controls
DE Distance Education
DER Department of Employee Relations
DETF Department of Employee Trust Funds
DETIC Distance Education Technologies Interagency Collaboration
DFD Division of Facilities Development - formerly known as Division of State Facilities (DSF)
DHSS Department of Health and Social Services (now Wisconsin Department of Health Services)
DILHR Department of Industry, Labor and Human Relations
(Now called the Department of Commerce)
DIN Decision Item Narrative
DNR Department of Natural Resources
DOA Department of Administration
DOD Department of Development (now Department of Workforce Development)
DoIT Divison of Information Technology at UW-Madison
DOR Department of Revenue
DOT Department of Transportation
DPI Department of Public Instruction
DRI Data Resources, Inc.
DSF Division of State Facilities- DOA
DVR Division of Vocational Rehabilitation
E Return to Top
EAB Educational Approval Board
EAU University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire
EBRI Employee Benefit Research Institute
ECB Educational Communications Board
ECS Education Commission of the States
ED Department of Education
EDI Educational Delivery Institute
EDI Office of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (UW systemwide office)
EDP Extended Degree Program
Educom Consortium for transforming education through information technology - History of Educom (now Educause)
EEO Equal Employment Opportunity
EEOC U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
EFC Expected Family Contribution calculator
EHS Environmental Health and Safety
EIA Environmental Impact Assessment
EIS Environmental Impact Statement
EM Enrollment Management
EMC Educational Media Council (now Educational Media Technology Council)
EMPT Early Math Placement Test
EMS Energy Management System
EMTC Educational Media Technology Council
EOP Equal Opportunity Programs
ERA Employee Reimbursement Account
ERD Equal Rights Division
ERIC Educational Resource Information Center
ESFY Engaging Students in the First Year
ESIC Extramural Support Information Center
ESL English as a Second Language
ETF Department of Employee Trust Funds
ETN Educational Telephone Network
ETS Educational Testing Service
EXT University of Wisconsin-Extension
F Return to Top
F:S Faculty: Student Ratio
FAFSA Free Application for Federal Student Aid
FAPs Financial and Administrative Policy Papers - formerly called General Administrative Policy Papers (GAPPs)
FASFA Express Free Application for Federal Student Aid
FAWG Financial Aid Working Group
FCC Federal Communications Commission
FDA Food and Drug Administration (Federal)
FDL University of Wisconsin-Fond du Lac
FERPA Family Educational Right to Privacy Act
FIPSE Fund for the Improvement of Postsecondary Education
FMIS Financial Management Information System
FOX University of Wisconsin-Fox Valley (Menasha)
FPPPs Financial Policy and Procedure Papers
FTE Full-Time Equivalent
FWS Federal Work Study
FY Fiscal Year
G Return to Top
GBY University of Wisconsin-Green Bay
GFSB General Fund Supported Borrowing
GII Global Information Infrastructure
GIIC Global Information Infrastructure Commission
GISE Grants to Increase Student Engagement
GLHEC Great Lakes Higher Education Corp
GLITC Great Lakes Inter-Tribal Council
GLS General Library System at UW-Madison
GLWI Great Lakes WATER Institute
GOB General Obligation Bonding
GOS General Operations and Services
GPO General Program Operations
GPR General Purpose Revenue (State tax revenue)
GPR/fees GPR and student academic fees, the sources for the instructional budget
GRE Graduate Record Exam
GSL Guaranteed Student Loan
H Return to Top
HEA Higher Education Act
HEAB Higher Educational Aids Board
HEGIS Higher Education General Information Survey
HELP Higher Education Location Program, academic and advising service for UW System
HEPI Higher Education Price Index
HOPE HOPE Scholarship
HRS Human Resource System Project
HSAC Health Science Advisory Council
I Return to Top
IAA Identification Authentication Authorization
IAIS Instructional Analysis Information System
IAS Instructional Academic Staff
IBR Institutional Business Officers (now Chief Business Officers)
IFEBP International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans
IFM Instructional Funding Model
IGS Institute for Global Studies
IIA Inter-Institutional Agreement
IM Informational Memoranda
IPEDS Integrated Postsecondary Educational Data System
IRE Institute on Race and Ethnicity
ISO International Standards Organization
IT Information Technology
ITMAC Interpreting, Training, Monitoring, Advocating, and Consulting
ITMC Information Technology Management Council
J-K Return to Top
JACAP Joint Administrative Committee on Academic Programs (WTCS/UWS)
JACCE Joint Administrative Committee on Continuing Education (WTCS/UWS)
JACPF Joint Administrative Committee on Physical Facilities (WTCS/UWS)
JCOER Joint Committee on Employment Relations
JCOF Joint Committee on Finance
JFC Joint Finance Committee (variation of Joint Committee on Finance)
L Return to Top
LAB Legislative Audit Bureau
LAC University of Wisconsin-La Crosse
LAMS Library Automation Managers in the UW System
LC Library of Congress
LEED Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design - A suite of rating systems for the design, construction and operation of high performance green buildings developed by the U.S. Green Building Council
LFB Legislative Fiscal Bureau
LITA Library and Information Technology Association
LITEC Learning and Information Technology Executive Council
LRB Legislative Reference Bureau
LSACU Lake Superior Association of Colleges & Universities
LTDC Learning Technology Development Council
LTE Limited Term Employee
LUMRG Lawton Undergraduate Minority Retention Grant
M Return to Top
M&D Multicultural and Disadvantaged
M/D Minority/Disadvantaged Student Affairs
MAAD Multiple Application and Admissions Database
MAN University of Wisconsin-Manitowoc
MATC Madison/Milwaukee Area Technical College
MBE Minority Business Enterprise
MCEE former Multicultural Center for Educational Excellence
MCW Medical College of Wisconsin
MHEC Midwestern Higher Education Compact
MIC Minority Information Center
MIC Multicultural Information Center
MILER Methodology for Implementing Lowest Effort and Resources
Management Information Systems
MOA Memorandum of Agreement
MOU Memorandum of Understanding
Mandatory Refundable Fee
MSEP Midwest Student Exchange Program
MSSB Multicultural Student Statistics Book
Midwestern Universities Alliance
N Return to Top
NACA National Association of Campus Activities
National Association of Educational Broadcasters
National Association for Public Continuing and Adult Education
NASULGC National Association of of State Universities and Land-Grant Colleges
National Educational Television
National Identification Program for Advancement of Women in Higher Education
Ameritech automated library management system for academic libraries
Notice of Proposed Rule Modification
NSSE National Survey of Student Engagement
National Telecommunications Task Force
O Return to Top
OADD Office of Academic Diversity and Development (UW System) - now Office of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion
OCLC Online Computer Library Center
OCR U.S. Office of Civil Rights
OEOP Office of Equal Opportunity Programs
OIS Office of Information Services (UW System)
OLIT Office of Learning and Information Technology (UW System)
OMB Office of Management and Budget - Federal Government
OPAC Online Public Access Catalog
OPAR Office of Policy Analysis and Research (UW System)
OPE Office of Postsecondary Education - Federal Government
OPID Office of Professional and Instructional Development(UW System) formerly UTIC
ORB Occasional Research Brief
OSER State of Wisconsin Office of State Employment Relations
OSH University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh
OSI Open Systems Interconnection
OSLP Office of Safety and Loss Prevention (UW System)
OTDT former Office of Technology Development and Transfer (UW System)
P Return to Top
PAF Personnel Activity Form
PBM Pharmacy Benefit Manager
PBS Public Broadcasting Service
PELL Pell Grants (formerly Basic Education Opportunity Grants)
PIO Public Information Officer - see UW media liaisions
PIR Payment to Individual Report
PKS University of Wisconsin-Parkside
PLT University of Wisconsin-Platteville
PMIS Personnel Management Information System
PR Program Revenue
PR-F Program Revenue - Federal
R Return to Top
R & D Research and Development
R & T Research and Training
RCK University of Wisconsin-Rock County (Janesville)
REPORT Reducing the Scope of University of Wisconsin System (March 1975)
REQ Requisition
RFB Request for Bids
RFI Request for Information
RFP Request for Proposal
RLN University of Wisconsin-Richland (Richland Center)
ROTC Reserve Officers Training Course
RPD Regent Policy Documents
RVF University of Wisconsin-River Falls
S Return to Top
S & E Supplies & Expenses
SA System Administration (see also UWSA)
SAC System Administrative Council
SAT Scholastic Aptitude Test
SAWG Student Affairs Working Group
SBC State Building Commission
SBTF State Building Trust Funds
SCH Student Credit Hours
SCUP Society for College and University Planning
SEG Segregated Revenue
SEWRPC Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission
SFS Shared Financial System
SG Study Group - Resolutions of the Regents Future Study Group
SHB University of Wisconsin-Sheboygan (Sheboygan)
SHEEO State Higher Education Executive Officers
SHS State Historical Society
SIS Student Information System
SLIC Student Life & Interest Committee
SPRE State Post-secondary Review Entity
SQL Standard Query Language
SSB Student Statistics Book (also see MSSB)
STEM Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math
STO University of Wisconsin-Stout
STP University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point
STRS State Teachers Retirement System [superseded by the WRS--see ETF]
STW School-To-Work
SUF Segregated University Fee
SUFAC Segregated University Fee Allocations Committee
SUP University of Wisconsin-Superior
SWIB State of Wisconsin Investment Board
SYS/ADM System Administration (see also UWSA)
T Return to Top
TAUWP The Association of University of Wisconsin Professionals (formerly TAUWF)
TCP/IP Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol
TDA Tax Deferred Annuity
TER Travel Expense Report, UW System Administration
TIAA-CREF Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association - College Retirement Equities Fund
TIP Talent Incentive Program
TIS Transfer Information System
TOEFL Test of English as a Foreign Language
TQM Total Quality Management
TRIO UW Systems TRIO programs
TSA Tax-sheltered annuity
U Return to Top
UBIT Unrelated Business Income Tax
UC United Council of University of Wisconsin System Student Governments
UCC Urban Corridor Consortium
UDDS Unit Division Department Sub-Department (DeptId)
UI Undergraduate Imperative
UIA University Insurance Association
UPG Unclassified Personnel Guidelines
UR formerly University Relations, UW System (now CERT)
USAA Urban Superintendent's Association of America
USDA United States Department of Agriculture
USOE United States Office of Education
USSA United States Student Association
UTIG Undergraduate Teaching Improvement Grant
UWCAP UW Colleges Administrative Policies
UWEX University of Wisconsin-Extension
UWHC University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics
UWS University of Wisconsin System
UWSA University of Wisconsin System Administration
V Return to Top
VC Academic Vice Chancellor
VOICE Volunteer Outreach in College Education
VSA Voluntary System of Accountability
VTAE Vocational, Technical and Adult Education (now WTCS)
W-X-Y Return to Top
WAACE Wisconsin Association for Adult and Continuing Education
WACADA Wisconsin Academic Advising Association
WACRAO Wisconsin Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers
WAHE Wisconsin Association of Higher Education
WAICU Wisconsin Association of Independent Colleges and Universities
WAK University of Wisconsin-Waukesha (Waukesha)
WARF Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation
WAC Wisconsin Administrative Code
WASDA Wisconsin Association of School District Administrators
WASFAA Wisconsin Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators
WASSCAC Wisconsin Association of Secondary School and College Admissions Counselors
WATE Wisconsin Association for Teacher Education
WATF Wisconsin Advanced Telecommunications Foundation
WBVTAE Wisconsin Board of Vocational, Technical and Adult Education (now the Wisconsin Technical College System Board)
WCATY Wisconsin Center for Academically Talented Youth
WCWC West Central Wisconsin Consortium
WDC Wisconsin Deferred Compensation Program
WEAC Wisconsin Education Association Council
WEEB Wisconsin Environmental Education Board
WEPA Wisconsin Environmental Policy Act - A state law designed to encourage environmentally sensitive decision making by state agencies.
WERC Wisconsin Employment Relations Commission
WHEC Wisconsin Higher Education Corporation (see Great Lakes Higher Education Corporation)
WHEG Wisconsin Higher Education Grant
WIAC Wisconsin Intercollegiate Athletic Conference
WICPA Wisconsin Institute of Certified Public Accountants
WIEA Wisconsin Indian Education Association
WILS Wisconsin Interlibrary Loan Service
WiscNet A Wisconsin consortial Internet provider
WISPP Wisconsin Strategic Planning Project
Wis. Stats. Wisconsin Statutes
WiSys Wisconsin System Technology Foundation, Inc.
WJCAA Wisconsin Junior Collegiate Athletics Association
WLA Wisconsin Library Association
WLC Wisconsin Library Consortium
WPR Wisconsin Public Radio
WPT Wisconsin Public Television  
WRF Wisconsin Retirement Fund (The WRF no longer exists; it was superseded by the WRS - see ETF.)
WRS Wisconsin Retirement System (see ETF)
WSBC Wisconsin State Building Commission
WSH University of Wisconsin-Washington County (West Bend)
WSUC Wisconsin State University Conference
WTCS Wisconsin Technical College System
WTCSB Wisconsin Technical College System Board
WTW University of Wisconsin-Whitewater
WUD Wisconsin Union Directorate
WWIAC Wisconsin Women's Intercollegiate Athletic Conference
WWW World Wide Web
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Z39.50 ANSI/NISO information retrieval standard for library applications
ZBA Zero Balance Account
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