Contacts for UW Research Grants

Last updated July 29, 2014

For post-award contacts, see list of grant accountants.
Links to Campus Grants Offices
UW System Grant & Funding Resources

  1. UW Colleges
    Lisa Seale, Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
    On the web: UW Colleges Grant Writing and Development

  2. UW-Eau Claire
    Karen Havholm, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Research and Sponsored Programs
    On the web: UW-Eau Claire Office of Research and Sponsored Programs

  3. UW-Extension
    Jordon Ott, Director, Office of Extramural Support
    On the web: Business Services Extramural Support

  4. UW-Green Bay
    Lidia Nonn, Director, Institute for Research
    920-465-2565 or 920-465-2784
    On the web: UW-Green Bay Institute for Research

  5. UW-La Crosse
    Melissa Nielsen, Director of Research & Sponsored Programs
    On the web: UW-La Crosse Research and Sponsored Programs

  6. UW-Madison
    Kim Moreland, Director, Research and Sponsored Programs
    On the web: UW-Madison Research Resources
    For help with your National Science Foundation data plan, visit Research Data Services

  7. UW-Milwaukee
    Tom Marcussen, Director of Sponsored Programs
    On the web: UW-Milwaukee Research Resources

  8. UW-Oshkosh
    Bob Roberts, Director, Office of Grants and Faculty Development
    On the web: UW-Oshkosh Office of Grants and Faculty Development

  9. UW-Parkside
    Hannah Wallisch, Director of Research Administration & Grants

    On the web: UW-Parkside Office of Research Administration & Grants

  10. UW-Platteville
    Aric Dutelle, Interim Director, Office of Sponsored Programs
    On the web: UW-Platteville Office of Sponsored Programs

  11. UW-River Falls
    Molly Van Wagner, Director, Grants and Research
    On the web: UW-River Falls Office of Grants and Research

  12. UW-Stevens Point
    Stacy Schwenke, Director, Office of Research and Sponsored Programs
    On the web: UW-Stevens Point Office of Research and Sponsored Programs

  13. UW-Stout
    Susan Foxwell, Director, Research Services
    On the web: UW-Stout Research Services

  14. UW-Superior
    Kaelene Arvidson-Hicks, Grants and Research Administrator
    On the web: UW-Superior Grants and Research Office

  15. UW-Whitewater
    Laurie Taylor, Director, Office of Research and Sponsored Programs
    On the web: UW-Whitewater Research and Sponsored Programs

  16. UW System Administration
    Kris Andrews, Assistant Vice President, Federal Relations
    On the web: UW System Federal Priorities

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